04 April 2011

Some others!

Hellooo All,

Just a quick post before I am off to bed!  Here is two more cards I made this weekend.  How is the weather in the rest of the country/world.  It's cold here tonight!  The wind is howling, and it's raining.  Tomorrow it's only 17  degrees here.  Time to pack out the winter stuff!

Just a note. For the SA ladies, I bought my lace, pearls and flower punches from Paola.  Here's a list to her blog : http://paolaspaperhaven.blogspot.com/.  She also sells copics for a reasonable price!

Thanks for looking!


  1. Lovely cards Wendy!
    Thanks goodness for Paola and all her goodies.
    I've been buying from her for a long while now.
    I'm enjoying your work and look forward to the next post. Keep warm - very cold her in Pmb.

  2. Love that ribbon and your coloring is awesome!


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