28 March 2011

Bruno, our happily returned kidnapped dog!!

Hi All!

Remember that dog we bought 5 weeks ago.  Bruno, the Great Dane.  Well, someone stole him out of our yard in the early morning hours (Or that is what the evidence strongly suggest).  There's drag marks at the gate where he tried to get away, and clearly someone is pulling him by the collar.  So this morning, we all looked for him.  And as the day grew older, DH and I both got more furious!  But in the mean time.  Our farm worker went on a 2.5 hour hunt for our dog.  He walked up and down in the surrounding areas to no avail.  He also informed my BIL, that for the past week or so, a young guy is was lurking at our gate and petting the dogs.  BIL was a cop, and on one occasion arrested this guy, so he knew where he lived.  Amos, our farm worker, went to their house.  When he got there, there were A LOT of little pups around, but no mother/father dogs.  Apparently they collect dogs, and then sell them.  While he was there, there was a continuous bark coming from an out building.  When he asked to see the dog being kept there, the guy threatened him and chased him away.   THEN my BIL went there and asked too see the dog.  The guy said he didn't have the key to the door, and that the woman who lived there was away.  Clearly putting 2 and 2 together, my BIL told the guy that if our dog wasn't returned to us by night time, he will get the police to search his house - him being connected and all....  After about 2 hours of looking, I had to go back to work.  When I got off work, I went to fetch our milk, and ran into my FIL.  I took the dirt road back home, while he drove the long way round and on his way stopped at the guys house to see if the dog is in their yard.  Short way round is like 3 minutes, long way round + pit stop is about 7 minutes.  I got home, took the milk inside the house, made a quick 1min phone call and headed back out to the car to go look for Bruno again.  I wasn't even 15m from the house when the dog was sitting in the middle of the dirt road, where minutes before both my FIL and I had passed.  Bruno wasn't tired, he wasn't dirty, it looks like he was just dropped off!  It has been raining here for 2 days, and a lot!  Everything is muddy and wet.  If Bruno went on a day outing, he would've come back terribly dirty.  All the evidence and coincidences are just too much.

1.  Drag marks at the gate.
2.  Creepy guy lurking about for a week.
3.  Threatening them with the police, 
4.  FIL visit too them, and then barely 10 minutes later Bruno's back.....

What do you think??

Here's a nice action picture of Bruno....LOL..... only time he stood still long enough for me to take the photo!

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