26 February 2011

Some blog candy over at CDAC!!

Hi Crafteres,

It's been a while!  Whats new in my life.  Ok.  Got that job I talked about earlier.  So now I get home at night, and are completely exhausted!  I now mainly craft on weekends.  Isn't that just so freakin depressing!  I love my crafting....  (saying while wipping away a tear)

Also, we got a new puppy!  His name is Bruno, and he is a Great Dane.  I have always wanted a GD, but gosh they are expensive!  I will post some pics later.  Just so lazy right now!

Anyhow.  CDAC is offering some great give aways for their 5000 member celebration!  Go check it out:
CDAG 5000 Member

Thanks for visiting.  Promise to upload a card over the weekend!